Updates – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Release Notes for 2/15/2019
    – Smokes that visibly fade off the ground now allow fire to spread under them without getting extinguished. – Fixed a rare occurrence of the C4 viewmodel sometimes being wrapped in last year’s holiday wrapping paper. – Added support for displaying correct picks for Katowice 2019 Major Championship after the Challengers Stage is finished.

  • Release Notes for 2/12/2019
    – Fixed the ‘radar spotting enemies through smoke’ mechanic to behave the same regardless of the game server tickrate, and to not reveal enemies on the opposite side of the smoke until the smoke effect dissipates. – Increased size of rendering queues for OSX and Linux game clients to address crashes when playing Danger […]

  • Release Notes for 2/11/2019
    [ Katowice 2019 ] -Fixed Pick’Em management WebAPIs to provide a list of ItemIDs that can be used when uploading user predictions. -Fixed GOTV+ playcast sometimes getting stuck on a loading screen when retrying dropped fragments or exceeding download bandwidth. -Several fixes for intermittent UI problems when managing Katowice 2019 Pick’Em predictions. -Fixed some javascript […]

  • Release Notes for 2/6/2019
    [ Katowice 2019 ] – The all-new Katowice 2019 Viewer Pass is now available for purchase. 50% of the proceeds go to the players and organizations taking part in the IEM Katowice Major. – With a Viewer Pass, you’ll get: — an upgradable Katowice 2019 Event Coin — access to the Katowice Pick’Em Challenge — […]

  • Release Notes for 1/31/2019
    [ MAPS ] – Zoo and Abbey are now available in Competitive matchmaking. Zoo: – Visual updates overall to match present standards – Replaced SWAT with FBI – Reduced the amount of corners/spots at B site – Removed glow effects from wall mounted fixtures to prevent smoke exploits – Replaced foliage at interior lower mid […]

  • Release Notes for 01/24/2019
    – Added a new version of Vertigo to Wingman official matchmaking. – Added Zoo and Abbey to Casual and Deathmatch official matchmaking. – Removed Austria and Subzero from official matchmaking. Biome: -Improved performance. -Removed connector between A short and A long. -Removed mid lower entry. -Added ladder to mid upper entry. -Moved T spawn […]

  • Release Notes for 01/14/2019
    – Fixed team names truncation issue in scoreboard in some languages. – Fixed snowballs from being purchasable from the console. – Fixed snowballs and sensor grenades to not occupy the same grenade slot. – Added game server log output for team assignments when game is commencing and after backup reload. – Added game server […]

  • Release Notes for 12/18/2018
    [DANGER ZONE] – Fixed an exploit resulting in players sometimes getting trapped under the world. – Fixed security doors sometimes having $0 price tags. – Fixed automated sentry gun lasers sometimes not disappearing. – Minor adjustment to the angles of items that come out of crates. – Movement fix for players getting stuck on […]

  • Release Notes for 12/17/2018
    [WINTER SEASON FUN] – Chickens are now sporting their festive-wear to celebrate the season. – Players can now pick up and throw snowballs in all game modes except Danger Zone, Wingman, and Competitive Matchmaking. – The T’s have gift wrapped their special package for the holiday season. – Freeze frame holiday borders are back to […]

  • Release Notes for 12/14/2018
    [DANGER ZONE] – Adjusted tablet buymenu drone delivery weapon prices. – Ammo boxes now dispense a quarter of their contents each time they are used, and can still be shared with squadmates. – Reduced the duration required to arm explosives on the safe, and added alert to warn the arming player when they remain within […]

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